'Succession' Season 4 Premiere: Roys' New Venture, Family Drama, and a Sex Tape

The highly anticipated fourth and final season of "Succession" premiered on HBO this weekend with an explosive episode. The Roys are back with their never-ending family drama, new companies to acquire, and yes – a sex tape.

As we left off in the previous season, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv (Sarah Snook) had teamed up against their father Logan Roy (Brian Cox). Their efforts failed miserably leaving them without any company but still drowning in family tension.

In the new season's premiere episode, the trio is planning to launch a revolutionary media brand called 'The Hundred'. However, before they can pitch it to investors, they hear that their father is interested in acquiring PGM Media owned by Nan Pierce (Cherry Jones) and her family. Since Nan shares an affinity for Shiv's "morals," the brothers push her to win over Nan's allegiance so that they can outbid Logan for PGM Media.

If successful in acquiring PGM Media through aggressive bidding against their father's company Waystar Royco, they will be able to show who is boss while starting an independent venture together. However, amidst all this drama lies another twist when it was revealed that there exists a sex tape featuring one of the Roy family members; which one? That’s yet another mystery that viewers have been left wondering about.

As fans continue to speculate about whose sex tape it may be; Succession creators seem determined not only to keep us on edge but also provide us with jam-packed entertainment throughout its final season.