The Game That Changed Charles Barkley's Life

In a recent interview with 60 Minutes, basketball legend Charles Barkley opened up about the game that changed his life forever.

Barkley, who is now a Hall of Famer and widely regarded as one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history, revealed that it was a high school game that put him on the path to greatness.

"I was really small in high school," Barkley told 60 Minutes correspondent Jon Wertheim. "I only weighed about 150 pounds. But I played this one game where I scored like 38 points and had over 20 rebounds. And after that game, everything changed for me."

Barkley went on to explain how that performance caught the attention of college scouts and ultimately led to him being recruited by Auburn University. He would go on to have an incredible career at Auburn, leading them to their first NCAA Tournament appearance in nearly three decades.

But it wasn't just his physical abilities on the court that made Barkley stand out - it was his unique personality and outspokenness off the court as well.

"I'm not afraid to speak my mind," Barkley said during the interview. "People want you to be politically correct all the time. But sometimes you have to take a stand."

That same mentality carried over into his playing career as well, where he became known for his fierce competitiveness and willingness to speak out against injustice both within and outside of basketball.

Despite retiring from professional basketball nearly two decades ago, Barkley remains an influential figure both within sports and beyond - a testament not only to his incredible talent but also his unwavering commitment to standing up for what he believes in.

As he looks back on his life-changing high school game all these years later, it's clear that Charles Barkley has no regrets about taking risks and following his dreams - even if they seemed impossible at times.

"You have got to live your life," he said. "Don't let anyone else dictate who you are or what you can achieve."