Burger King UK Crowns Floki Inu the "Top Doge" in Playful Twitter Banter

Burger King UK Crowns Floki Inu the "Top Doge" in Playful Twitter Banter

In a light-hearted exchange on Twitter, Burger King UK has crowned Floki Inu as the "Top Doge". The fast-food giant acknowledged the Shiba Inu knock-off in a surprising Twitter exchange that left many social media users amused.

The playful banter began when Floki Inu tweeted at Burger King UK, saying: "Hey @BurgerKingUK, can I get some burgers with my bones?" The tweet was accompanied by an image of the popular meme dog sitting next to a pile of bones.

Not one to shy away from engaging with its followers on social media, Burger King UK responded with a witty retort. "We're more into flame-grilling than flame-tonguing," they replied. However, it wasn't just any response - they included an image of their own version of Floki Inu holding up a sign that read: "I'm lovin' it."

Floki Inu was quick to respond and shared the exchange on its official Twitter page. The tweet quickly went viral and garnered thousands of likes and retweets within hours.

Many social media users praised both brands for their playful interaction on Twitter. Some even suggested that Burger King should consider adding a burger named after Floki Inu to their menu.

While this may have been just another amusing moment in the world of social media marketing for both brands, it showcases how important engagement is between companies and their followers online.

As we continue to navigate through these challenging times, lighthearted exchanges like these serve as welcome distractions for many people looking for some respite from daily life stresses. And who knows? Maybe we'll see more unlikely pairings engage in playful banter online soon enough!