Chris Christie Declares He Will Not Back Donald Trump in 2024

Former New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Chris Christie, has made it clear that he will not be supporting former President Donald Trump if he decides to run for president again in 2024.

In an interview on ABC's "This Week," Christie was asked about his stance on potentially endorsing Trump. The former governor responded with a resounding "no way" and explained his reasoning behind the decision.

"I can’t help him," said Christie, who was once a close ally of the former president. "There are some things that happened over the course of time, I’m sure, that contributed to my view on it."

Christie also revealed that he is considering running for president himself in 2024 as part of the GOP ticket but did not provide any further details on his plans.

The comments from Christie come as speculation continues to grow over whether or not Trump will seek another term as president in 2024. Despite losing the election last year to Democrat Joe Biden, Trump remains one of the most influential figures within the Republican Party and has continued to wield significant influence over its direction.

Trump has yet to confirm whether or not he intends to run again but has suggested several times that he may do so. In recent weeks, several other potential candidates have emerged within the party including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Regardless of who ultimately ends up being chosen as the GOP nominee in 2024, it seems apparent now that Chris Christie will not be lending his support or endorsement towards a second term bid by Donald Trump.