Google Drive's 'Secret' 5M Item Limit Triggers Outrage As Users Seek Answers

Google Drive's 'Secret' 5M Item Limit Triggers Outrage As Users Seek Answers

Google Drive, one of the most popular cloud storage services, has triggered a wave of outrage among its users after it was revealed that there is a "secret" 5 million item limit on the number of files and folders that can be stored in a single account.

The revelation came to light when several users reported receiving error messages while trying to upload additional files. It was then discovered that Google had quietly implemented the limit without any prior notification or explanation to its users.

Many users have expressed their frustration on social media platforms, with some calling for an explanation from Google. The company has yet to officially comment on the matter.

This move by Google has also raised concerns about data privacy and security. Many businesses and individuals rely heavily on Google Drive as a means of storing sensitive information such as financial records, legal documents, and personal photos.

It remains unclear why this limit was put in place or whether it applies across all types of accounts, including free ones. Some experts speculate that it could be an attempt by Google to encourage users to upgrade to paid plans with higher storage limits.

As the uproar continues among disgruntled users seeking answers from Google regarding this arbitrary policy change in their beloved cloud service provider application; we will keep you updated with further developments as they emerge.