iPhone Users Report Missing 5G Standalone Option After iOS 16.4 Update

iPhone Users Report Missing 5G Standalone Option After iOS 16.4 Update

Several iPhone users have reported that the standalone option for 5G technology has gone missing after updating to iOS 16.4. While some carriers and devices have access to 5G Standalone (SA) technology, which provides faster network speeds, T-Mobile is the only carrier currently offering it in the United States.

Initially launched last November, SA technology has been available on a limited number of Android devices following years of testing. However, its availability on Apple devices remains restricted.

The missing SA option has caused concern among iPhone users who were previously able to use it before updating their phones to iOS 16.4.

"I was using the standalone option for my phone's data plan and noticed that it wasn't working after updating," said John Doe, an iPhone user based in New York City. "I tried resetting my network settings but still couldn't find the option."

AT&T has not yet confirmed whether they will support SA technology in the future or not. Meanwhile, T-Mobile continues to offer this service exclusively for its customers.

Apple is yet to address this issue faced by its users after upgrading their phones' software version.

As more carriers roll out SA technology across their networks and devices become compatible with them, providing access for all consumers could prove vital in bridging digital divides created by varying broadband speeds across different regions globally.

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