Meet the Couple Who Opened Their Marriage to a Divorced Father for Emotional and Sexual Growth

Kim and Dustin, a married couple from Texas, are making headlines after opening up their marriage to include Vinson, a divorced father. The couple has shared their journey on TLC's reality show "Seeking Brother Husband," where they talk about how polygamy has helped them grow emotionally and sexually.

The decision to bring Vinson into their relationship was not an easy one, but Kim and Dustin knew that having another partner would allow them to explore new aspects of themselves. In an interview with People Magazine, Kim said: "We're all committed equally in this relationship. It's not just about sex or being physical with each other."

The trio shares everything from household chores to parenting duties. They also emphasize open communication as the key to making their unconventional family work. "It takes constant communication," Dustin told People Magazine.

Despite facing criticism from some who view polygamous relationships as immoral or illegal, Kim and Dustin are proud of their lifestyle choice. They hope that by sharing their story on national television, they can help others understand that love comes in many forms.

"We want people who have never heard of polygamy or might be curious about it to see us living our lives normally," said Kim in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

As for Vinson joining the family dynamic? He says he couldn't be happier: "I am so blessed that I have two wonderful partners that love me unconditionally."

"Seeking Brother Husband" airs on TLC every Sunday at 10/9c.