One-Day Dipping Season for Smelt in Lower Sandy River This Thursday

One-Day Dipping Season for Smelt in Lower Sandy River This Thursday

The smelt dipping season is coming this Thursday, and everyone is excited to participate. Bill Monroe, a well-known journalist, announced that the one-day dipping season will be held in the lower Sandy River.

According to Monroe's announcement, the event will have a 10-pound limit on smelt per person. It means every participant can catch up to ten pounds of smelt during this one-day event.

Smelt dipping has been a popular activity for many years because it's not only fun but also provides an excellent opportunity to catch fish. The lower Sandy River offers some of the best spots for catching these small fish which are related to salmon.

Many people are looking forward to participating in this year's event despite its brief nature. They believe it will be an exciting experience that they don't want to miss out on.

In light of recent events where overfishing has affected various fish populations, it’s worth noting that participants should adhere strictly to the 10-pound limit set by organizers so as not deplete any stocks and maintain ecological balance.

This one-day dipping season promises fun and excitement for all those who choose to take part while still ensuring sustainability of natural resources by respecting fishing limits set by authorities.