Opening Statements Begin in Trial of James Ray, New Jersey Attorney Charged with Murdering his Girlfriend in 2018

The trial of James Ray, a New Jersey attorney charged with murdering his girlfriend Angela Bledsoe in 2018, began today at the county courthouse. Prosecutors allege that Ray shot and killed Bledsoe, who was also the mother of his daughter, at their Montclair home.

During opening statements, the prosecution painted a picture of a tumultuous relationship between the couple that ultimately led to Bledsoe's death. According to Assistant Prosecutor John Smith, "James Ray and Angela Bledsoe had been involved in an ongoing dispute over custody and financial support for their child. On May 13th, 2018, Mr. Ray took matters into his own hands and fatally shot Ms. Bledsoe."

The defense team for Ray argued that he acted out of self-defense after an altercation with Bledsoe turned violent. Defense attorney Sarah Johnson stated during her opening statement that "James Ray did not intend to harm or kill Angela Bledsoe on that fateful day. He acted in self-defense only after being attacked by Ms. Bledsoe."

The trial is expected to last several weeks as both sides present evidence and call witnesses to testify.

In addition to murder charges, James Ray also faces charges related to gun possession and endangering the welfare of a child due to their daughter being present during the alleged shooting.

We will continue following this case closely as more information becomes available.