Tattoo Artist Shares 9 Mistakes First-Time Clients Make

Tattoo Artist Shares 9 Mistakes First-Time Clients Make

Getting a tattoo for the first time can be an exciting experience, but it's important to avoid making common mistakes that could impact your tattoo's quality and your overall experience. To help first-time clients avoid these mistakes, one experienced tattoo artist has shared the nine biggest things to never do when getting inked.

According to the artist, one of the most common mistakes is not bringing anything to do during the appointment. "Tattoos can take hours and there may be periods of waiting," she said. "It's always best to bring something like a book or headphones so you don't get bored or restless."

Another mistake is using numbing cream before getting tattooed. The artist warns that this can cause issues with ink retention and affect how well your skin heals post-tattooing.

Other mistakes include not eating beforehand, being too specific with design requests without considering placement options, and neglecting aftercare instructions from their artist.

"It's important for clients to trust their artists' expertise in creating a design that will look good on their body," she added.

The artist also cautions against haggling over prices as it can be disrespectful towards the time and effort put into creating unique designs. Additionally, showing up intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is another big no-no as this can increase bleeding during tattooing which negatively affects how well ink stays in place.

Ultimately, following these tips will ensure a more positive experience for both client and artist while also helping preserve quality tattoos long-term.