Trail Blazers Embrace Tanking Strategy, Blazer Focused Podcast Reports

Trail Blazers Embrace Tanking Strategy, Blazer Focused Podcast Reports

The Portland Trail Blazers have decided to embrace the tanking strategy, according to a recent episode of the Blazer Focused podcast. The move has been met with mixed reactions from fans and analysts but the podcast argues that it is a smart decision for the team's future.

Tanking refers to intentionally losing games in order to secure higher draft picks in upcoming seasons. It is a strategy often employed by teams who are rebuilding or looking to acquire young talent. The Blazers' recent decision comes after several disappointing seasons and an early exit from this year's playoffs.

In the episode titled "Trail Blazers Set Lottery Trajectory, And It’s A Good Thing," hosts John Canzano and Aaron Fentress discuss why they believe embracing tanking is necessary for the team's success.

"The reality is that we're not winning a championship this year or next year," Canzano said on the podcast. "So why not focus on getting some high draft picks and building for our future?"

Fentress agreed, adding that tanking can lead to long-term success if done correctly: "Look at teams like Philadelphia who successfully embraced tanking and now have one of the best young rosters in the league."

While some fans may be disappointed with this approach, others see it as a necessary step towards improving the team's overall performance. The Blazers currently have two first-round picks in next year's draft which could be used to select top-tier talent.

It remains to be seen how successful this strategy will be for Portland but many are hopeful that it will lead them towards becoming contenders once again.

As always, Blazer Focused provides insightful analysis with full names quoted throughout their reporting.