Trail Blazers Enter Tank Mode: Blazer Focused Podcast Explains Why It's a Smart Decision

Trail Blazers Enter Tank Mode: Blazer Focused Podcast Explains Why It's a Smart Decision

The Portland Trail Blazers have entered "tank mode," and according to the Blazer Focused podcast, it's a smart decision for the team. In their latest episode, hosts John and Matt break down why this move is necessary for the franchise.

With a record of 18-25, the Blazers are currently 11th in the Western Conference standings. While they're not out of playoff contention just yet, it's clear that something needs to change if they hope to make a deep run this year.

According to John and Matt, tanking is the best way forward for several reasons. For one thing, it will give the team an opportunity to develop their younger players while also acquiring new talent through high draft picks.

"Look at what happened with Damian Lillard," says John on the podcast. "He was drafted sixth overall back in 2012 and now he's one of the best players in franchise history. Tanking gives us a chance to find another superstar like him."

In addition to player development, tanking can also help free up cap space for future signings by shedding expensive contracts. This could be crucial for Portland as they look towards building a championship-caliber roster.

Of course, there are risks involved with tanking as well. Losing games intentionally can be demoralizing for players and fans alike, and there's always a chance that high draft picks won't pan out as expected.

However, John and Matt argue that these risks are worth taking given Portland's current situation.

"We're not saying we should throw away games or anything like that," says Matt on the podcast. "But strategically losing some games now could pay off big time down the road."

Only time will tell whether or not this strategy pays off for Portland. But according to Blazer Focused podcast hosts John and Matt, it's a smart decision for the team's long-term success.