Former President Trump Raises $5 Million in Donations Within 48 Hours After Indictment

Former President Donald Trump has raised over $5 million in donations within the first 48 hours after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's announcement of his indictment. The amount includes a staggering $4 million in just one day, indicating that most top Republicans' views were validated by this news.

Many Republican insiders believe that the expected indictment from Bragg will only help build a formidable lead for Trump's campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, at least in the short term. Despite facing legal challenges and criticism from various quarters, it seems that Trump still enjoys significant support among his base.

According to reports, more than 16,000 volunteers have already signed up on his website within just one day of the announcement. However, it remains to be seen if this funding surge will continue or if it is merely a temporary boost to his campaign.

In light of these developments, Trump's legal team is reportedly considering requesting a move of his criminal case from Manhattan to Staten Island due to concerns about getting a fair trial. The former president is expected to surrender himself on Tuesday accompanied by Secret Service agents.

Trump has slammed DA Alvin Bragg as yet another participant in what he calls "witch hunt" against him. While some longtime critics remain skeptical about Bragg's indictment motives and timing, most supporters seem undeterred by any negative publicity surrounding their leader.

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