Quena Brunson Takes on Trump's Indictment and Advocates for Teachers During SNL Hosting Debut

Quena Brunson, the creator and star of ABC sitcom "Abbott Elementary" and host of this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live," used her platform to address important issues while delivering a hilarious performance.

During her monologue, Brunson took a swipe at her own show, describing it as similar to "The Office," but set in Philadelphia and focused on teachers. She then advocated for recognizing the importance of teachers and paying them what they deserve.

Brunson also showcased her musical talents by setting former President Donald Trump's indictment troubles to song for a new album with James Austin Johnson. Lil Yachty was the musical guest for the night, delivering a trippy performance of his songs “the BLACK seminole” and “drive ME crazy!”

But perhaps one of the most touching moments from the show came when Brunson delivered a special message dedicated to teachers during her hosting debut. The monologue cut to a video of Brunson with former President Barack Obama recording a message for her mother who had been a teacher for 40 years.

Brunson emphasized how crucial teachers are in our school system, celebrating their unique role as educators. She even named her hit ABC show after her sixth-grade teacher who took her under their wing when she switched schools.

Overall, Quena Brunson proved that she is not only an incredibly talented comedian but also an advocate for important causes such as education reform. Her hosting debut on SNL was undoubtedly one that will be remembered fondly by fans everywhere.