The Daily Beast publishes column on indictment of former President Trump

The Daily Beast has published a column titled, “The Indictment of Donald Trump’s alleged war crimes is still a matter of the ‘Rule of Law’ and suggests that modern conservatives should take a break from the past to focus on their values. The column also discusses the possibility of criminalizing politics and second-guessing elected officials’ judgment calls, which could set a dangerous precedent that could spiral into a pattern of personal retribution.

In the article, the author argues that while it is important to hold elected officials accountable for their actions, criminalizing politics and second-guessing judgment calls could lead to personal retribution. They warn that deciding presidents are above the law sets a dangerous precedent greater than any possible slippery slope leading to a banana republic.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) have criticized former President Trump's indictment as politically motivated and distracting from other important issues. Cassidy believes that focusing on this issue will distract from urgent matters at hand.

Former President Trump's legal team has announced they will make an announcement Sunday regarding Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s “politically motivated” indictment against him. On Sunday, his attorney Joe Tacopina expects to make a motion dismissing any charges against him before Tuesday's arraignment hearing.

Tacopina says his team won't do anything at Tuesday's hearing because it would be showmanship, adding whether you support Trump or not; every American should worry about how easily he was indicted over such flimsy evidence.

As attention builds for Tuesday's arraignment hearing in New York City, many people are watching closely as this case unfolds.