UK Government in negotiations with Taliban over three British nationals held hostage

The UK Government is currently in negotiations with the Taliban over three British nationals who are being held hostage, including charity medic Kevin Cornwell, 53, and another British national who manages a hotel for aid workers in Kabul. The third Briton being held is Miles Routledge, 23, known for his risky travel adventures to dangerous places around the world.

Presidium Network, a non-profit organisation that works in conflict zones, is supporting the families of Cornwell and the hotel manager during these difficult times. Scott Richards of Presidium Network has been negotiating with the Taliban on behalf of these two men.

There has been no information regarding any charges against them or if they have access to legal representation. Despite this lack of clarity surrounding their situation, Home Secretary Suella Braverman confirmed that discussions with the Taliban are ongoing.

Presidium also confirmed that Routledge is the third British national being held by the Taliban. This young man gained attention back in August 2021 after travelling to Afghanistan despite warnings about its danger following takeover by the Taliban.

Cornwell and the hotel manager were detained on January 11th by secret police belonging to the Afghan militant group. According to reports from Sun On Sunday newspaper, ministers are considering floating accommodation options as part of their effort to crackdown on small boats carrying migrants into Britain; however Ms Bravermann refused to confirm this report.

As negotiations continue between government officials and representatives from Presidium Network with hopes for a swift resolution for all parties involved remain high.