Ex-wife of Louis Gaskin's Victim Opposes Execution, Fears It May Aid Florida Governor's Presidential Bid

Ex-wife of Louis Gaskin's Victim Opposes Execution, Fears It May Aid Florida Governor's Presidential Bid

Noreen Rector, the ex-wife of a man shot by infamous "ninja killer" Louis Gaskin on the same night that he murdered a Palm Coast couple, has spoken out against her former husband's assailant receiving lethal injection. Rector expressed concern that Gaskin's execution may inadvertently bolster Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' potential presidential campaign.

The Florida Supreme Court rejected 56-year-old Gaskin's appeal and denied his request for a stay of execution last Thursday. This decision comes just weeks after convicted murderer Donald Dillbeck used his final words in February to criticize deSantis before facing capital punishment himself.

In an exclusive interview with our publication, Noreen Rector revealed her disapproval for executing criminals like Gaskin through means such as lethal injection. Instead, she advocates for life imprisonment without parole as an alternative form of justice.

"I can't help but think about how this might benefit someone who I believe isn't fit to be president," said Rector, referring to the possible impact on Gov. DeSantis' political aspirations if he were seen overseeing high-profile executions during his tenure in office.

Rector continued: "It is important not only to seek justice but also ensure we don't contribute further harm or perpetuate cycles of violence."

Louis Gaskin gained infamy after dressing up as a ninja and shooting dead two individuals—Ralph Gallagher (Rector’s ex-husband) and Susan Moore—in separate incidents during one fateful evening back in 1996. The case received widespread media attention due both its shocking nature and unusual circumstances surrounding it at the time.

Gallagher was attacked while working at an appliance store when he was ambushed by masked gunman Gaskins; Moore lost her life later that day when she encountered Gaskins at her home in Palm Coast.

The Florida Supreme Court's decision to deny Gaskin’s appeal and proceed with his execution has garnered mixed reactions from the public, with some supporting Rector's perspective on life imprisonment without parole as a more appropriate form of punishment. Others argue for the necessity of capital punishment in cases like these involving heinous crimes.

Rector remains steadfast in her stance against lethal injection, emphasizing that she does not want to see Gaskin executed if it could potentially aid Gov. DeSantis' presidential bid: "I hope people will consider how our criminal justice system can be improved instead of using someone else's suffering as a stepping stone for political advancement."

As emotions run high surrounding this controversial case, Noreen Rector provides an important perspective on both the implications of capital punishment and its potential influence on politics today.