President Biden Criticizes Tennessee Republicans for Expelling Pro-Gun Control Democrats

President Joe Biden has condemned Tennessee Republicans after the state House voted to expel two Democratic lawmakers who participated in a protest at the state Capitol following the shooting at a Nashville private Christian school that left three staff members and three 9-year-old children dead. The expulsion, which he called "shocking, undemocratic, and without precedent," came as a result of their failure to be recognized before speaking during the demonstration advocating for gun control.

The expelled lawmakers, Reps Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, stood on the floor of the state House of Representatives last Thursday alongside protesters chanting for gun safety reforms. A third Democrat involved in this protest was Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), who narrowly avoided expulsion by just one vote.

In response to these events, President Biden said that GOP lawmakers chose not only to avoid discussions about gun reform but also decided to wield their power against those standing up with thousands of students and families demanding change: "A majority of Americans want lawmakers to act on commonsense gun safety reforms."

This incident has drawn attention from other political figures such as former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Al Gore. Both have criticized Tennessee's decision; Mr Obama emphasized how peaceful protests are integral within democracy while Mr Gore remarked upon how nearly 150 thousand voters faced disenfranchisement due to actions meant solely against representatives pushing for much-needed reformation within dangerous legislation.

Additionally earlier this year after two mass shootings claimed 18 lives with another ten injured in California - Joe Biden had pushed further towards an assault weapons ban nationwide making it clear where his administration stands when it comes down issues like firearms regulation