Samsung Electronics Forecasts a Steep Fall in First-Quarter Profit Amid Slow Global Economy and Chip Shortage

Samsung Electronics Forecasts a Steep Fall in First-Quarter Profit Amid Slow Global Economy and Chip Shortage

Samsung Electronics Co., the world's largest chip producer, has forecasted a significant fall in its first-quarter profit. The company expects operating profits for the January-March quarter to have dropped by 95.8%, with revenue for the three-month period anticipated to decrease by 19% from a year earlier, amounting to 63 trillion won.

The steep decline in profits is attributed to slow global economic growth and reduced demand following the pandemic. Additionally, semiconductor manufacturers are struggling due to an industry-wide chip shortage that has persisted over recent years.

"Many companies globally experienced decreased demands amid COVID-19; however, we expect better results as businesses gradually rebound," said Joon-seo Kim, Senior Analyst at Korea Investment & Securities.

As part of its response strategy and commitment towards future development within South Korea's semiconductor sector infrastructure—Samsung aims at investing around 300 trillion won over two decades on developing a mega-semiconductor hub located domestically.

"The announcement of such large-scale investments reflects our dedication not only towards recovering from current market challenges but also reinforcing South Korea's position as an innovative powerhouse," stated Hyun-sook Choi, Vice President of Samsung Semiconductor Business Division.

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