Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Expelled Tennessee Lawmakers Amid Gun Control Debate

Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to visit Nashville, Tennessee on Friday to meet with two Democratic lawmakers who were expelled from the state's General Assembly. Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were removed after protesting against gun violence on the floor of the statehouse. The controversial decision came following a 69-26 vote by Tennessee House Republicans, drawing condemnation from President Joe Biden and sparking a nationwide debate surrounding gun control and race.

The meeting with Jones and Pearson aims to amplify "the voices" of thousands of young voters who have protested at the Tennessee State Capitol for stricter gun laws in light of recent events. Furthermore, this marks an opportunity for Vice President Harris to reinforce President Biden's push for a nationwide ban on assault weapons.

"The expulsion of Representatives Jones and Pearson was shocking, undemocratic, and without precedent," said President Biden in response to their removal from office.

On March 30th, Republican leadership accused these lawmakers - now known as "the Tennessee Three" - along with Rep. Gloria Johnson (D), of breaching decorum during their protest at the House podium without recognition before being expelled by House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R). Johnson managed narrowly escape her own expulsion vote despite playing an active role in protests advocating tougher firearm regulations including bans on high-capacity magazines alongside her colleagues; all three are Black legislators.

This unscheduled trip has been added last-minute into Vice-President’s official White House agenda released Thursday night but it intends not only show support towards those affected but also elevate discussions regarding racial tensions within political sphere related specifically around subjects like civil liberties when addressing important issues such as firearms legislation reform – topics which continue holding significant weight among American citizens today