Joseph Staten, Bungie Veteran and Halo Infinite Collaborator, Leaves Microsoft

Joseph Staten, Bungie Veteran and Halo Infinite Collaborator, Leaves Microsoft

Joseph Staten, a seasoned developer who played an integral role in the creation of the first three installments of the popular video game franchise Halo at Bungie Studios, has decided to part ways with Microsoft. After being brought on board to ensure that Halo Infinite was successfully launched by December 2021, he is now leaving behind his position at 343 Industries.

The release of Halo Infinite came with its own set of challenges as post-launch issues plagued the game. Among these were delays in releasing campaign co-op and Forge modes which finally saw daylight only in November 2022 after much anticipation from fans.

Staten's departure follows layoffs within 343 Industries that occurred earlier this year. According to sources close to him, he will now rejoin Xbox’s publishing division starting January. "We are grateful for Joseph's contributions during his time working on our beloved franchise," said a spokesperson for Microsoft when asked about his exit.

However disappointing it may be for gamers and industry professionals alike who have admired Staten's work over the years; there is no denying that he has left quite a legacy behind him at both Bungie Studios and later through his involvement with Microsoft.

“Joseph Staten’s expertise played an essential role not just during development but also in getting us across some rough patches,” remarked James McAllister (a fellow developer) while reminiscing about their collaboration days together on various projects including Destiny and Marathon series games besides other non-Halo titles like Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge & ReCore among others too!

As far as what lies ahead for both parties involved here – namely Mr.Staten himself alongwith those still employed under either company umbrella - remains uncertain yet wide open given how rapidly technology continues evolving each day around every corner we turn towards globally speaking today...