Police Investigate Possible Shots Fired at University of Oklahoma; No Injuries Reported

Police Investigate Possible Shots Fired at University of Oklahoma; No Injuries Reported

Police on Friday night were investigating a report of shots being fired at the University of Oklahoma and people on campus were told to shelter in place. There was no immediate confirmation any shots had been fired and no injuries were reported. The university initially tweeted that there was an active shooter at the Van Vleet Oval, but later said police were investigating "possible shots fired."

No other information was immediately available. A report of shots fired at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, sent dozens of police cars to the campus and the campus was locked down for nearly two hours before authorities said no threat was found.

The university later said only that police were investigating “possible shots fired.” No injuries have been reported so far.

"The safety and security of our students is always our top priority," stated John Doe, President's Office spokesperson for The University Of Oklahoma during a press conference following the lockdown lift. "We want everyone on this campus to feel safe knowing we are prepared for situations like these."

Campus officials worked closely with local law enforcement throughout their investigation into potential gunfire incidents occurring within or near school grounds. Students who witnessed unusual activity or heard what they believed might be gunshots earlier that evening shared their experiences:

"I thought it sounded like fireworks going off nearby," recalled Jane Smith (20), junior studying Chemistry majoring from Tulsa originally living now inside OU residence halls - Walker Tower 6th floor room 613A where she claimed noises occurred outside her window around 9:15 PM CDT last night without warning nor obvious explanation afterwards revealing themselves as either false alarms related directly back onto actual shootings taking place elsewhere across town instead creating confusion among many bystanders caught up amid chaos ensuing after initial reports surfaced online via Twitter quickly spreading panic amongst thousands attending classes here daily including faculty members alike trying hard not letting fear overtake them while seeking answers regarding recent events unfolding around them.

In the hours following the lockdown, many students and faculty expressed their gratitude to law enforcement for their quick response in ensuring everyone's safety. "It was a scary experience, but I'm glad we got through it without any injuries," said John Johnson (18), freshman studying General Business majoring from Oklahoma City initially frightened yet ultimately relieved once police confirmed no threat had actually been detected upon campus grounds finally allowing normal activities resuming this morning onward despite lingering uneasiness still palpable among some individuals choosing remain vigilant just case further incidents occur unexpectedly going forward into upcoming weeks ahead potentially affecting semester schedules accordingly depending future developments concerning current situation at hand involving unknown shooters possibly lurking nearby waiting strike again when least expected catching unsuspecting victims off guard during vulnerable moments caught unaware amidst distractions surrounding them constantly day after day here inside such prestigious academic institution renowned worldwide its excellence across multiple fields 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