Trump's 2024 Campaign Decision Sparks Twitter Feud Between Laura Loomer and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

A furious row erupted on Friday after former President Donald Trump reportedly told aides to give Laura Loomer, a controversial influencer and former congressional candidate, a role in his 2024 campaign. The decision sparked an intense spat on Twitter between Ms. Loomer and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who had expressed sympathy for Mr. Trump but also criticized him over the hush money payments scandal.

In addition to this heated exchange, Mr. Trump raged at the Biden administration's review of Afghanistan, blaming them for the chaos that unfolded as the US left the country in August 2021.

The announcement from Mr.Trump's campaign stating it would not be hiring Ms.Loomer led to a firestorm of backlash; among those opposing was staunch Trump ally Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). In her tweet about Ms.Loomers' potential involvement with the campaign, she referred to her as "mentally unstable and a documented liar."

On Friday evening, following widespread controversy surrounding their online feud earlier in the day,theTrumpcampaign announced its final decision nottohireMs.Lomers,citing Jewishand Christian holidaysasgroundsfor unity withinthecampaign.MsLomer defended herself throughoutthe daybutlater releaseda moretame statementtothepress,in whichsheurgedmediatofocusitsattentionelsewhere.

As these events unfolded online,it became increasingly apparentthatthedivision betweenGreeneandLominghadbecomean issuewithintheMAGAmovementitself.With bothwomenclaimingtheywerenot anti-Muslimwhileopposing"Sharia Lawand jihadist infiltration,"thesituationledtomixedreactionsamongstsupportersofMr.Trump,andhighlightedapotentialriftwithinhisbaseasthe2024campaignapproaches.

In a statement to the press, Laura Loomer said, "I ask that everyone focus on our common goals of America First and support for President Trump. Let's work together instead of creating division."

However, it remains to be seen how this situation will play out in the long run and whether the MAGA movement can maintain unity despite these public disagreements regarding Mr.Trump's 2024 campaign strategyand personnel choices.