Hawaii County Department of Public Works to Implement 'Cloud +', Change Effective April 17

Hawaii County Department of Public Works to Implement 'Cloud +', Change Effective April 17

The Hawaii County Department of Public Works (HCDPW) announced on Monday that it will be implementing a new technological strategy dubbed 'Cloud +' starting April 17. This initiative aims to streamline operations, enhance collaboration among departments and ultimately, improve the delivery of services for residents.

"We are excited to announce this major step forward in our efforts to modernize and optimize the way we work," said HCDPW Director James K. Kanani, during a press conference held at the county office building. "By leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies, we can increase efficiency while ensuring better continuity across all sectors within our department."

'Cloud +' is centered around adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which will replace existing legacy systems currently in use by various departments under HCDPW's purview. These new applications will provide enhanced features such as real-time data tracking, integrated communication tools and advanced analytics capabilities.

According to Karen Matsuoka, Assistant Director for Planning & Operations at HCDPW: "Our goal with implementing Cloud + is not only increased productivity but also fostering an environment where collaboration thrives among our staff members." She added that this would lead to more informed decision-making processes based on accurate data insights gathered from multiple sources.

County employees have been undergoing extensive training sessions since January in preparation for the transition into 'Cloud +'. In addition to learning how these new online platforms function daily operations management aspects like project scheduling and resource allocation have been addressed.

Jane Yamamoto-Burigsay, Communications Specialist for HCDPW emphasized the importance of transparency throughout this process: "We understand that introducing changes such as Cloud + might raise concerns about security or privacy issues; however rest assured that stringent measures are being taken ensure protection sensitive information any potential risks mitigated."

Innovation has always been one key driving forces behind success Hawaii County’s Department Public Works. With 'Cloud +' set to go live April 17, it is evident that HCDPW remains committed embracing technological advancements while maintaining its focus on improving the lives of residents across the county.