Old National Leadership Team Offers Support in Louisville, Kentucky

Old National Leadership Team Offers Support in Louisville, Kentucky

In the wake of a recent tragedy, OnB CEO Jim Ryan and other members of the Old National Leadership team have traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to offer support to affected individuals and their families. The team has been actively involved in providing assistance during these trying times and plans to continue offering support in the days ahead.

Jim Ryan expressed his gratitude towards various groups who have contributed significantly during this difficult period. He thanked Louisville law enforcement for their quick response and ongoing efforts to maintain order in the city. Additionally, he praised the medical community for tirelessly working around-the-clock to treat those injured during the tragic event.

Ryan also acknowledged state and local officials' timely actions that have helped mitigate further damage from occurring within the community. "The incredible response from all parties involved is a testament to our united front against adversity," said Ryan.

While addressing those gathered at an impromptu press conference, Jim Ryan urged people not only across Louisville but throughout America as well, to continue praying for all those whose lives were forever changed by this heartbreaking incident. "Their strength will be vital as we move forward together toward healing," he added.

As part of its ongoing commitment towards supporting affected families through both financial means and emotional support services such as grief counseling sessions or accessibly mental health resources whenever needed – Old National Bank remains steadfastly dedicated towards helping rebuild this vibrant Southern city stronger than ever before following such unimaginable devastation.

Though circumstances may seem dire right now there's always hope when communities come together with love compassion empathy - something which ONB fervently believes can make even darkest moments bearable once more