Whistleblower Exposes Illegal Abortion Practices and FDA's Unlawful Mifepristone Approval

Whistleblower Exposes Illegal Abortion Practices and FDA's Unlawful Mifepristone Approval

In a shocking revelation, E.V., an anonymous whistleblower has brought to light the lack of transparency within the D.C. abortion industry. The individual intercepted a box containing the remains of 110 aborted first trimester babies and five mangled late-term babies, potentially victims of illegal partial birth or born-alive abortions. Despite public outcry and demands for investigation, no answers, convictions or autopsies have emerged.

Rep. Luna from the House of Representatives confronted D.C. authorities with photographic evidence and facts about these five late-term aborted babies, calling for an immediate investigation into this matter.

"These forgotten children deserve justice," Rep. Luna stated in a passionate plea to her fellow legislators.

This controversy coincides with another significant event – a Texas federal judge ruling that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unlawfully approved mifepristone two decades ago. This drug is used alongside misoprostol as part of a regimen for medication abortions in the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

The Department of Justice has promptly filed a notice of appeal with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals against this decision. Sen. Ron Wyden urged President Biden and FDA to keep mifepristone on the market despite this recent development.

"The Federalist Society's originalist interpretation threatens not only women's rights but also those belonging to minorities," warned Sen. Wyden during his call-to-action speech at Capitol Hill.

As it stands now, Americans should brace themselves for more challenges to their fundamental rights as these issues unfold further into legal battles that could potentially reach even the Supreme Court level if necessary.

"The court's mandatory injunction represents an unprecedented judicial assault on regulatory processes serving our nation for decades", declared DOJ spokesperson Emma Thornton while announcing their intent to seek extension pending resolution from higher courts if required.