2023's Class of 40 Under 40: Scott Brannock of Tidewater Homes and Winton Mays of Bridgewater Wealth

2023's Class of 40 Under 40: Scott Brannock of Tidewater Homes and Winton Mays of Bridgewater Wealth

The prestigious Class of 40 Under 40 continues to honor the achievements, innovation, and vision of young professionals across various industries. This year's class features two standout individuals who have made significant strides in their respective fields: Scott Brannock, founder and CEO of Tidewater Homes, and Winton Mays, managing director at Bridgewater Wealth.

At just 35 years old, Scott Brannock has already established himself as a leader in sustainable home construction. His company, Tidewater Homes, specializes in creating energy-efficient houses that utilize eco-friendly materials while maintaining high-quality craftsmanship.

Brannock credits his success to an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. "I believe it is our duty as builders to not only create homes but also contribute positively to the environment," said Brannock. "Tidewater Homes was founded on this principle."

Under Brann-Scott's leadership, Tidewater Homes has become one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector by focusing on innovative designs that cater specifically to clients' unique needs while prioritizing sustainability.

Jane Forrester from Green Home Solutions praised his work ethic when she remarked that "Scott's passion for creating eco-conscious homes shines through every project he undertakes."

Winton Mays is a well-known name among financial circles; his expertise as managing director at Bridgewater Wealth has helped countless clients achieve financial freedom through tailored investment strategies.

Mays began working at Bridgewater Wealth right after college graduation intending always to help others navigate complex financial terrains successfully. Over the course of ten years at the firm, he worked diligently up its ranks before finally reaching his current position where he oversees a team of 35 financial advisors.

"My goal is to empower clients by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their financial futures," Mays said. "At Bridgewater Wealth, we are committed to guiding individuals toward a more secure and prosperous life."

Colleague Susan Thompson commented on his ability to connect with people: "Winton's interpersonal skills combined with his expertise in finance make him an invaluable asset not only for our firm but also for those who seek his advice."

This year's Class of 40 Under 40 proves once again that young professionals like Scott Brannock and Winton Mays are transforming industries through innovative thinking, dedication, and hard work. As these exceptional individuals continue making strides in their fields, it will be exciting to see what other achievements lie ahead.