Center City Founder and Academy Award Collaborator Alexandra Janelli Opens Boutique Spa and Plans Digital Expansion

Center City Founder and Academy Award Collaborator Alexandra Janelli Opens Boutique Spa and Plans Digital Expansion

Center City's very own entrepreneur, Alexandra Janelli, who has worked with esteemed Academy Award-winning professionals in the past, recently unveiled an upscale boutique spa designed to cater to clientele seeking luxurious relaxation experiences. As a passionate advocate for holistic healing practices, Janelli now aims to digitize her business by incorporating innovative technology that will enhance her clients' well-being.

The boutique spa offers a variety of services like massages, facials, and body treatments using organic products sourced from local vendors. The serene ambiance and personalized attention help patrons unwind while experiencing top-of-the-line pampering.

Alexandra Janelli shared her inspiration behind opening the spa: "Working alongside such creative individuals during my time in the film industry taught me the importance of taking care of oneself physically and mentally. I wanted to create a sanctuary where people could escape their daily stresses and find balance."

Recognizing how digital platforms have impacted various industries, including wellness services like telehealth or fitness streaming apps; Janelli is ready to take on this challenge herself by integrating technology into her existing venture.

"I'm excited about exploring ways we can use technology not only as a tool for booking appointments but also as a means of enhancing our clients' overall experience," said Janelli.

As part of this digital expansion plan, customers will soon be able to access tailored self-care guides through an app developed exclusively for the boutique spa. This unique feature intends to provide users with information on meditation techniques or yoga poses suitable for personal preferences or health conditions.

Janet Lincoln-Clarke, one satisfied client at Alexandra's new facility commented: "Having visited several spas over the years; I must say this place is truly exceptional! From its beautifully decorated interior spaces down-to-earth staff members – every detail exudes elegance comfort simultaneously."

This ambitious project reflects Ms. Janelly's dedication towards offering unparalleled services in the wellness sector, which she believes could have a transformative impact on clients' lives.

"I'm thrilled to be taking this next step that will not only help us reach more people but also empower them with tools and resources they need for self-care," concluded Janelli.