Co-founder of Trump's Truth Social Media Platform Now Works as Starbucks Barista

Co-founder of Trump's Truth Social Media Platform Now Works as Starbucks Barista

Will Wilkerson, the co-founder of Donald Trump's Truth Social media platform, now works as a $16 an hour Starbucks barista in North Carolina. The dramatic turn of events comes after Wilkerson turned over 150,000 emails, contracts and other internal documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and investigators in Florida and New York.

Wilkerson had accused executives at Truth Social of breaking SEC laws before being unceremoniously fired from the company. In response to his allegations, the company claimed that he had “concocted psychodramas.”

The ongoing situation has significantly impacted Truth Social’s business prospects; its attempt to merge with a financial outfit known as a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) remains frozen due to an SEC investigation that predates Wilkerson's public comments.

Despite his challenging circumstances, Wilkerson is trying to stay positive about his current employment. “It’s an honest day’s work,” he says about his job at Starbucks—the only work he has found since leaving the Trump Media platform.

Regarding his decision to share information with authorities, Wilkerson explained that he felt obligated by law: "I couldn't stand idly by while I believed illegal activities were taking place within the organization."

When asked about how others have reacted to his new role as a barista given his previous high-profile position at Truth Social media platform, Will shared insights into one encounter:

"I explained my situation to my direct supervisor—a very sweet lady—but she doesn't really understand the legal system in the United States," said Wilkerson.

As both local and national attention continues focusing on this unfolding story concerning Will Wilkerson's shift from co-founding Truth Social media platform for Donald Trump towards serving coffee behind a counter for minimum wage pay rate—many cannot help but wonder what will come next for the former tech executive.