Optical Illusion Cycle Way in Keynsham: Dangerous and Underused

Optical Illusion Cycle Way in Keynsham: Dangerous and Underused

MailOnline has revealed that the "optical illusion" cycle way in Keynsham, Somerset, is used by a mere three riders per hour. Since its opening last year, nearly 60 people have been injured on this hazardous path. Of those injured individuals, 21 are currently suing the local council for compensation.

On Friday afternoon alone, only six riders were observed using the path at various times throughout the day (1:55 pm, 2:25 pm, 3:06 pm and 3:10 pm). This raises concerns about not only safety but also how effective it is as a means of promoting cycling within the community.

Retired local resident Martin Crew (64) expressed his fears regarding the deceptive kerb installed along this cycle lane. He warns that if something isn't done soon to rectify these issues with design and implementation, tragedy could occur. Other residents share Mr. Crew's sentiments and frustrations with their local council's decision to install such an unsafe cycling infrastructure.

Liberal Democrat councillor Mark Roper addressed these complaints by stating that reducing reported incidents was not necessarily the primary goal when designing this particular cycle lane feature. However, he did not provide further clarification on what other objectives may have taken precedence during planning stages or whether any changes are being considered in light of recent events.

As locals continue to express their concerns over safety risks associated with Keynsham's optical illusion cycle way and question its effectiveness overall – especially given low usage rates – it remains uncertain whether modifications will be made to improve conditions for cyclists who bravely navigate this precarious path daily.