Senior MP Stella Creasy Endures Social Services Investigation Due to Online Troll

Senior MP Stella Creasy Endures Social Services Investigation Due to Online Troll

Stella Creasy, a senior female MP for Walthamstow in east London, was subjected to a social services investigation after an online troll believed he had the right to claim that her children should be placed into care. Leicestershire Police stated that the harasser had a legitimate right to make such referrals since they disagreed with Creasy's opinions on misogyny, even though no evidence against her existed.

Creasy faced a safeguarding review by her local council in November due to this ordeal. Her tormentor was referred to police because of harassment concerns. However, the council has been legally barred from removing the complaint about her 'anti-man views' from its official record.

In related news, reality TV star Ashley James reported that she felt as if "her world came crashing down" when she received contact from social services who wanted to discuss false allegations made by online trolls about her young family.

The Labour MP Stella Creasy underwent an investigation by her local council in London following claims made by an online troll who attempted to have her children taken away from them. In November, the council's panel conducted a safeguarding review and quickly dismissed the complaint as vexatious.

Upon speaking with police officers regarding his mental health issues and being ordered not to engage further with Creasy, the man responsible received only an informal warning under community resolution rather than facing criminal charges. Leicestershire Police explained this decision stating Jones’s emails contained “no direct verbal or physical threat” and thus did not meet requirements for criminal charges.

Creasy is now advocating for malicious reports submitted toward social service agencies be treated similarly as false information given directly towards law enforcement entities; which would involve potentially charging individuals guilty of wasting police time or attempting perverting justice measures.