Trump's Attorney Requests Mistrial in E. Jean Carroll Case, Citing Unfair Rulings

Trump's Attorney Requests Mistrial in E. Jean Carroll Case, Citing Unfair Rulings

Donald Trump's attorney Joe Tacopina has requested a mistrial in the case of E. Jean Carroll, who accused the former president of raping her and not pursuing security camera footage after the alleged rape. Tacopinas made the filing at dawn, attacking Judge Lewis Kaplan's conduct during the four-day trial.

Trump's lawyers have raised issues such as Judge Kaplan restricting Carroll from asking additional questions about any efforts she made to try to obtain security camera footage from Bergdorf Goodman department store where she claims that he attacked her during an encounter in their dressing room in the 1990s.

The defense also took issue with Judge Kaplan characterizing certain lines of questioning by Trump’s lawyer as “argumentative” while addressing jurors directly.

Tacopina questioned Judge Kaplan’s admonishment over a social media post by Eric Trump that revealed LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is funding Carroll’s case against his father Donald Trump. The former President maintains his innocence and has denied all allegations that he raped or defamed her.

In addition to these concerns, Mr. Tacopina filed a letter requesting for Judge Lewis Kaplan to “correct each instance in which the Court has mischaracterized facts presented to jurors,” or consider providing greater leeway when it comes to their line-cross-examination with Ms.Carroll herself:

E.Jean Caroll filed suit against Mr.Trump accusing him not only sexually assaulting but defaming her upon denying any wrongdoing saying she wasn't attractive enough be considered his type adding allegation was merely ploy help sell books authored by plaintiff.