2023 Haverford Township Primary Election Results: Live Updates

2023 Haverford Township Primary Election Results: Live Updates

The highly anticipated 2023 primary election in Haverford Township, Pennsylvania, came to a close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. With numerous local races drawing significant attention, Patch will be providing live updates throughout the night as results pour in.

All votes cast via mail and ballot drop boxes have been counted prior to the closing of polls. However, it is important to note that these results will be considered unofficial until every single vote has been tallied.

In addition to the Haverford Township race, Tuesday's primary election in Norristown features an intense competition among six cross-filing candidates who appear on both Democratic and Republican ballots for four-year terms. Only five candidates from each party will advance to November's general election.

A total of six seats are up for grabs during this fall's four-year term elections—an opportunity not lost on any of the contenders involved.

As the clock struck 8 p.m., polls also closed in Marple and Newtown townships where additional local races have garnered significant interest from voters. Similar to their neighbors in Haverford Township, residents eagerly await incoming results while understanding that all reported figures remain unofficial until every last vote has been counted.

With anticipation building across these closely watched communities in Pennsylvania, stay tuned for continued live updates provided by Patch throughout tonight’s unfolding events.

Haverford Township Commissioner Jane Smith expressed her gratitude toward dedicated voters when she remarked:

Similarly echoing those sentiments was Norristown Democratic candidate John Doe:

As we continue monitoring this developing story into tonight’s final results, remember to keep checking in with Patch for the latest information on these critical local races.