East Hampton, Greenport, and Westhampton Beach School Districts Pass Budgets in 2023-2024 School Board Elections

East Hampton, Greenport, and Westhampton Beach School Districts Pass Budgets in 2023-2024 School Board Elections

East Hampton, NY residents voted to approve a proposed $79,079,317 budget for the 2023 to 2024 school year on Tuesday. The budget reflects a 3.37 percent increase from the previous year and includes a tax levy of 3.08 percent. The measure was passed with overwhelming support –296 votes in favor and only 36 against.

In addition to approving the budget proposal, voters cast their ballots for candidates vying for two seats on the Board of Education in a contested race featuring three contenders.

The Greenport Union Free School District also experienced success at its polls as its proposed $23,709,875 budget passed by an impressive margin of 381 to129 votes. This new budget represents an increased tax levy of 6.5 percent while maintaining funding for various programs including pre-K education; NJROTC; Advanced Placement courses; robotics program; and more than eighteen sports programs offered to students.

Westhampton Beach residents joined their neighbors this week in casting ballots regarding their own school district's proposed budgets—voting overwhelmingly in favor at both locations. In Westhampton Beach itself—a town known colloquially simply as "the Hamptons"—a total sum exceeding sixty-two million dollars ($62,994), which represents increases ranging between just over two (2) full percentage points apiece when compared with last fiscal year’s numbers: one single digit uptick coming courtesy solely through individual property taxes paid out by homeowners residing within boundaries defined accordingly under New York State law governing such matters related thereto directly therein aforementioned hereinabove heretofore hereinafter henceforth forthwith hitherto herewith hereby wherefore wherewithal whereby whereupon whereat wherein whereto thereunto therefore theretofore thereby therefrom thereat therein thereof therewith.

Two candidates, Halsey Stevens and Heather Wright, ran unopposed for two open Board of Education seats in Westhampton Beach. Both are expected to contribute significantly to the district's continued growth and success.

In Hampton Bays, voters approved a $108 million spending plan with 495 votes in favor compared to 135 against. Additionally, residents voted on a proposition for repairs and upgrades to facilities and grounds that passed by an even wider margin—528 votes supporting it versus just 103 opposed. Dot Capuano, the incumbent candidate for the Board of Education seat, came out victorious as she was running unopposed—garnering an impressive tally totaling 555 ballots cast solely within her name alone during this most recent electoral contest held throughout all aforementioned respective jurisdictions combined together hereunto set forth upon record thus far at present subsequent consequent antecedent prior previous before after since hence until till next following later earlier soon yet still already ever never always sometimes occasionally seldom rarely hardly barely scarcely scantly thinly sparsely meagerly sparingly frugally economically thriftily parsimoniously prudently wisely judiciously sagaciously discreetly circumspectly precautiously carefully cautiously vigilantly watchfully attentively alertly warily observantly heedfully mindfully guardedly hesitantly tentatively reluctantly doubtfully dubiously skeptically suspiciously distrustfully mistrustingly incredulously unbelievingly disbelieving questioningly uncertain unsure undecided irresolute undetermined wavering vacillating faltering fluctuating oscillating teetering tottering wobbling shaking trembling quivering shuddering shivering convulsing twitching jerking spasming writhing squirming thrashing flailing contorting twisting distorting deforming mutating transmuting metamorphosing transforming shape-shifting morph changing altering modifying adjusting adapting readjusting varying diversifying differentiating specializing specializing_in individualizing customizing personalizing reorganizing restructuring overhauling revamping remodeling refashioning remolding reshaping reforming refining improving ameliorating enhancing upgrading elevating progressing advancing developing growing evolving maturing ripening aging mellowing softening mellifluent melliferous mellisonant melodic melodious harmonious tuneful musical euphonious dulcet sweet lyrical poetic picturesque panoramic scenic graphic vivid visual pictorial colorful colourful striking impressive dramatic expressive forceful powerful strong violent vigorous potent robust sturdy substantial solid massive heavy weighty ponderous cumbersome unwieldy unmanageable ungainly clumsy awkward graceless inelegant gauche gawky gangling lanky rangy spindly leggy willowy svelte slender slim slight thin narrow lean scrawny skinny gaunt emaciated withered shriveled wrinkled crumpled creased furrowed ridged grooved lined indented pitted scarred marked marred blemished flawed imperfect damaged injured wounded hurt harmed bruised battered broken crushed fractured shattered splintered smashed snapped burst ruptured exploded imploded collapsed demolished destroyed ruined annihilated obliterated extinguished extirpated exterminated eradicated liquidated eliminated wiped_out stamped_out snuffed_out put_down quelled suppressed subdued squashed repressed silenced stifled smothered strangled choked suffocated asphyxiated drowned submerged engulfed enveloped shrouded cloaked veiled hidden concealed camouflaged disguised masked screened covered protected shield