FBI Report Reveals Dropped Clinton Investigations Prior to 2016 Election

FBI Report Reveals Dropped Clinton Investigations Prior to 2016 Election

The highly-anticipated report on the origins of the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016 has revealed that top leaders at the Bureau shut down four criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton. The report also disclosed that three separate FBI field offices in Washington, DC; Little Rock, Arkansas; and New York City, New York, opened investigations into "possibly criminal activity involving the Clinton Foundation" less than one year before the November 2016 presidential election.

According to special counsel John Durham's report, these field offices investigated claims that foreign countries and other individuals were attempting to influence the Clintons through donations to their namesake non-profit organization and Hillary's presidential campaign. Three of these four investigations focused on allegations of widespread "criminal activity" within the Clinton Foundation. The fourth probe centered around a "well-placed" source claiming that Hillary continued accepting illegal donations throughout her presidential campaign.

In an effort to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant for this investigation, one field office sought approval but faced delays as it remained “in limbo” for approximately four months. A joint meeting was held between all participating agencies—including representatives from each involved FBI field office—alongside appropriate United States Attorney’s offices in February 2016. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe chaired this meeting.

However, McCabe demanded through an intermediary that then-FBI Director James Comey cease their inquiries into both Clintons' involvement with their foundation. Consequently, all four ongoing probes were dropped ahead of the crucial 2016 election.

When reached for comment about these revelations from Durham's report, spokespersons for both Bill and Hillary Clinton denied any wrongdoing related to either accepting illegal donations or engaging in illicit activities via their charitable foundation.

"The accusations against us are unfounded," said former President Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated firmly: “We have always maintained the highest standards of transparency and integrity at the Clinton Foundation."

As this report continues to make waves in both political and law enforcement circles, it remains to be seen what impact these findings will have on future investigations involving high-profile politicians.