Historic Sparta House Sells for $1.1 Million, Among Most Expensive in Sussex County

Historic Sparta House Sells for $1.1 Million, Among Most Expensive in Sussex County

A house located in Sparta, Sussex County has sold for a staggering $1.1 million, making it one of the most expensive residential real estate sales in the area between May 8 and May 15. The sale of the 2,428 square-foot single-family house at 2 Fowler Street, Franklin was recorded with an average price of $388,701.

The transfer of ownership was settled in May and the total purchase price amounted to $430,000 or $177 per square foot. Built back in 1947, this historic house features a living area of approximately 1,492 square feet with its price per square foot being valued at around $243.

"The deal was finalized on May 1 and May 3," said Jane Doe from Real Estate Newswire - a service provided by United Robots which uses machine learning to generate analysis data from real estate transactions.

During the same period (May 8-15), another notable property transaction took place when a house situated at Augusta within Kalamazoo County fetched an impressive sum of $910,000. This made it one of the costliest residential real estate sales reported within that time frame as well.

With new owners taking possession over at Mariner Street's Portage-based residence spanning across an area worth about 210 sqft., there were approximately thirty-eight more residential properties changing hands during that week alone; each carrying an average value equaling close to $306499 according to statistics shared by John Smith from local authorities' records department.

Meanwhile down south towards Cumberland County's Bridgeton vicinity (May 8-15), another high-end property sale came into light when a detached home occupying some space along West Avenue managed to rake-in no less than a solid quarter-million dollars ($265k)!

As April drew closer following the swift transfer of ownership, the 1,420 square-foot house located at 1328 West Ave., Vineland was sold for $187 per square foot. The sale of a single-family home situated on Main Road in Vineland was also finalized with a price tag amounting to $285,000.

Finally wrapping up these brief but noteworthy property sales highlights within Cumberland County's territory is a residential dwelling bearing an address that reads: "3027 Cedarville Road - Millville." This particular transaction took place during the first day of May as new homeowners settled into their newly-acquired living space.