Most Expensive Residential Real Estate Sales in Union, Morris, Kent, Muskegon, and Mercer County Between May 8th and May 15th

Most Expensive Residential Real Estate Sales in Union, Morris, Kent, Muskegon, and Mercer County Between May 8th and May 15th

Real Estate Newswire has reported a series of high-priced residential real estate sales across multiple counties between May 8th and May 15th. The list includes properties from Union County to Mercer County.

In Summit, Union County, the most expensive sale was a house that sold for $3.7 million. The property is located at 18 20th Street in Kenilworth with an average price of $638,094 for the area during this period. The transfer of ownership was settled in May with a total purchase price amounting to $800,000 or $794 per square foot.

Scotch Plains also saw the finalization of a single-family residence sale at Johnson Street while Linden had its own transaction close on Deerfield Terrace for $960,000.

Mountain Lakes in Morris County experienced its highest sale when a home went for an impressive $1.8 million within this time frame as well; this particular piece stands proudly at Vickies Place in Millington where new owners took over after spending another massive sum -($800k) – resulting into a cost breakdown calculated at approximately $344/sqft.

Randolph's Brookview Circle saw another finalized deal selling off one more single family residence valued around $850k. Meanwhile Towaco's Marguerite Lane had yet another pricey exchange occurring earlier on April 25 which involved their almost-4K sq-ft constructed domicile priced roughly about $214/sqft.

Grand Rapids' Young Ave led Kent county's high-priced real estate market by closing out deals totaling up to_$894900,_ making it one among some priciest transactions witnessed during these days covered under our reportage scope here! Ada's Conservation street also confirmed completion regarding their respective single-family residences & condominiums ranging anywhere near $331339, while Jacaranda Circle shared similar news too.

Norton Shores, Muskegon County's most expensive residential real estate sale occurred between May 8th and May 15th with an average price of $195,921. A single-family house at Densmore Street in Muskegon sold for $620,000. Real Estate Newswire reports that there were a total of 45 residential sales during this period with the average price per square foot being $150.

Twin Lake saw a finalized sale for the detached house at Kenwood Road and Montague had its condominium at Ellenwood Estates Drive finalized as well. Norton Shore also had a substantial sale on Pine Bluff Lane which changed ownership in April.

Lastly, Titusville in Mercer County reported one of its most expensive sales from May 8-15 when a home built back in 1955 was purchased for $930k. This particular dwelling boasts over two-thousand sq-ft living space costing no less than about $213/sqft.

Other notable transactions include Trenton's Kingston Blvd that settled their transfer dealings earlier last month (April), whereas Lawrence Township went ahead & gave green signal related to Dogleg Lane's property exchange proposal recently as well!