Amazon Prime Video to Release Documentary on Newcastle United

Amazon Prime Video has announced that it will be releasing a documentary series following the story of Newcastle United. The as-yet-untitled series will be produced by 72 Films, the company behind the critically acclaimed "Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story" documentary.

The series will explore the history and current state of Newcastle United, which is owned by a Saudi Arabian consortium. However, unlike Prime Video's previous sports documentaries such as "All or Nothing," which focused on Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, this new release won't follow a single season but instead delve into the club's past and present.

"This latest epic production from 72 Films promises to take viewers on an incredible journey through one of football's most fascinating and historic clubs," said Dan Grabiner, Head of UK Originals at Amazon Studios. "We're excited to give our customers exclusive access to this never-before-seen footage."

The exact release date for the documentary hasn't been confirmed yet; however, fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival. With its reputation for producing high-quality documentaries about sports teams around the globe, Amazon Prime Video subscribers can expect nothing less than an insightful exploration into one of England's most beloved football clubs.

In addition to providing insight into Newcastle United itself, this new sports doc will also shed some light on what it means for a team to be owned by foreign investors in today’s globalised world.

This announcement comes after reports that other streaming services like Netflix are also planning similar projects with various Premier League clubs. While there is no news about any future releases from other platforms yet, fans can rest assured they'll have plenty more content covering their favourite teams coming soon.