Paramount Global Announces 2023-25 Directors Initiative Participants

Paramount Global has announced its three participants for the 2023-25 Paramount Directors Initiative. Shari Lynette Carpenter, Miko Lim, and Oscar Rene Lozoya have been selected to participate in the two-year program.

The initiative, now in its 19th year, aims to provide opportunities for talented directors from underrepresented communities to work with CBS Television Network, CBS Studios, Paramount Television Studios and Paramount Global drama and comedy series directors.

According to a statement released by Paramount Global on Thursday, these three directors were chosen based on their outstanding talent and unique vision. The initiative will help them hone their skills while providing valuable networking opportunities within the industry.

Shari Lynette Carpenter is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked on several critically acclaimed films. She expressed her excitement about being part of this prestigious program: "I am thrilled to be selected as a participant in the Paramount Directors Initiative. This is a wonderful opportunity that I believe will help me take my career to new heights."

Miko Lim is an up-and-coming director who has gained recognition for his work on music videos and commercials. He said that he was honored to be chosen for the program: "This is such an incredible opportunity for me. I can't wait to learn from some of the best directors in the business."

Oscar Rene Lozoya is another talented filmmaker who has made waves with his short films at film festivals around the world. He said that he was grateful for this chance: "This means so much to me. To have access to these resources and mentors will be invaluable as I continue my career."

The initiative provides support through workshops, mentorship programs, shadowing opportunities with seasoned professionals as well as introductions into network television production process including casting sessions or script development alongside other industry professionals.

Paramount Global's commitment towards diversity initiatives reflects a growing trend across the entertainment industry, as companies seek to address the lack of representation in front of and behind the camera. The Paramount Directors Initiative is a critical step in this direction, providing emerging directors with the tools they need to succeed while also creating opportunities for underrepresented voices within Hollywood.

The program has already produced several successful alumni, including Regina King, Gina Rodriguez, and Justin Lin. With Shari Lynette Carpenter, Miko Lim and Oscar Rene Lozoya set to join their ranks next year - it seems that future looks bright for these talented young directors.