TikTokers mock US congressional hearing against app, calling lawmakers 'boomers'

TikTok has been under scrutiny by the United States government for months now, with concerns about data privacy and security. The latest hearings on Capitol Hill have only added fuel to the fire.

However, instead of taking the proceedings seriously, some TikTokers decided to mock the lawmakers involved in the hearings. Calling them "out-of-touch boomers," they criticized how they're pressing Shou Zi Chew, questioning his role as CEO of ByteDance.

"They're embarrassing us in front of the whole world," said one user on TikTok. "These politicians just don't get it."

Many users took issue with the way that these politicians were treating Chew during their questioning, accusing them of being too harsh and not understanding how social media works.

"Of course they don't understand TikTok," said another user. "They're old guys who probably still use flip phones."

This type of behavior from young people towards their elders is nothing new; however, it does highlight a growing divide between generations when it comes to technology and social media usage.

While it's unclear whether or not this mockery will have any impact on future hearings or legislation surrounding TikTok specifically or social media more broadly, what is clear is that there are deep-seated frustrations among younger Americans with their political leaders' lack of understanding about modern technology platforms like TikTok.

The question remains: will these protests online translate into real-world action? Only time will tell.