Wendy's brings back McDonald's fan-favorite "Snack Wraps"

Fast-food chain Wendy's is bringing back a former McDonald’s fan-favorite item – the "Snack Wraps", which were discontinued by the rival company in 2020. The move comes as a response to customer demand for the popular menu item that consisted of crispy chicken, lettuce, and cheese wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.

"Fans have been asking for us to bring this item back on our menu," said Carl Loredo, Wendy's Chief Marketing Officer. "We listened and are excited to give customers what they want."

The Snack Wraps will be available at all participating Wendy’s locations starting next week. Customers can choose from three different flavors: spicy buffalo, honey mustard, or ranch.

This announcement is part of Wendy's latest strategy to attract new customers and increase sales by offering innovative products that cater to consumer preferences. As more people seek out fast food options during the ongoing pandemic, restaurants are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

"We know that people love variety when it comes to their fast food choices," added Loredo. "We're confident that bringing back the Snack Wraps will not only satisfy our current customers but also attract new ones who miss this classic menu item."

Wendy's has been known for its bold marketing campaigns and witty social media presence over recent years. This new product launch is expected to create buzz among loyal fans of both chains as well as those nostalgic for McDonald’s discontinued snack wraps.

In conclusion, with this latest move, Wendy’s has once again demonstrated its commitment towards delivering delicious food items while keeping up with customer demands and expectations in these challenging times.