WWE 2k23 Review (Xbox Series X)

Professional wrestling fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of WWE 2K23 on Xbox Series X, and finally, the wait is over. The latest installment in the popular video game franchise has hit stores, and it has received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

Stewart Lange, a renowned gaming journalist, recently got his hands on WWE 2K23 and shared his thoughts about it. According to Lange's review on 411MANIA, the game offers some impressive graphics upgrades compared to its predecessor. He praised the detail put into superstar models and arenas that make gameplay more immersive than ever before.

However, Lange noted that there are still some issues with character animations that need improvement. He stated that while playing through different modes like Universe or My Career mode, he noticed several bugs in animations which made characters appear stiff or unresponsive at times.

One feature of WWE 2K23 that stood out to Lange was its revamped creation suite tools for wrestlers' customization options. The new options allow players to create their own superstar from scratch with a wide range of facial features and body types available.

In conclusion, Stewart Lange's review suggests that WWE 2K23 is an overall good game with some minor flaws in animation but offers enough improvements to make it worth playing for any wrestling fan who owns an Xbox Series X console.

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