Afroman, sued by police for exploitation of surveillance clippings, prepares to counter-sue

Rapper Afroman is gearing up for a legal battle against the Cincinnati Police Department after being sued by them. The lawsuit accuses him of maliciously exploiting surveillance clippings of cops who searched his house in August on the basis of probable cause which they have not been able to substantiate.

Despite facing legal action from the police department, Afroman has been speaking out and preparing to counter-sue. He believes that he has been wrongfully accused and wants to clear his name.

"I'm innocent and I'm going to fight this," said Afroman in a recent statement. "The police raided my home without any evidence or reason and now they are trying to blame me for their own mistakes."

Afroman's lawyers have stated that they will be filing a counter-suit against the Cincinnati Police Department. They claim that their client's rights were violated during the raid on his home and that he was targeted unfairly.

"We believe that our client's constitutional rights were violated when the police raided his home," said one of Afroman's lawyers. "We intend to bring this matter before a court so that justice can be served."

This is not the first time that Afroman has found himself at odds with law enforcement officials. In 2015, he was arrested for punching a female fan during a live performance.

Afroman maintains his innocence in both cases and says he is ready to fight back against what he sees as unjust treatment by authorities.

"I've had enough of being targeted by law enforcement just because I'm an artist," said Afroman. "I will continue speaking out until justice is served."