Fain Wins UAW Presidential Election, Swearing-In Set for Sunday

After a long-awaited vote counting process that began on March 1, Gary Jones’ successor as president of the United Auto Workers (UAW) has been announced. In a statement released on Friday, incumbent UAW President Rory Gamble congratulated Ray Curry and Cindy Estrada on their campaigns but confirmed that Frank Stuglin had lost his bid for the presidency.

The announcement came after several weeks of delay caused by questions over ballot eligibility, which led to challenges against some ballots in the runoff election. However, despite these concerns around voting irregularities and potential interference from external parties, Secretary-Treasurer Steven Fain declared himself victorious in the presidential election.

"I am honored to have been elected as the next president of this great union," said Fain in his victory speech. "I promise to work tirelessly alongside my fellow officers and members to continue fighting for better wages and working conditions for all our hardworking members."

Fain's triumph marks an important moment for UAW leadership following a series of high-profile scandals involving bribery allegations within its ranks. The new president will face significant challenges ahead as he seeks to restore trust in the organization among both its members and public perception.

Meanwhile, outgoing President Gamble announced that Curry will be sworn-in as UAW president at a ceremony scheduled for Sunday. Curry has previously served as director of Region 8 under Gamble’s leadership and is expected to bring experience and stability to his new role.

The swearing-in ceremony will mark a new chapter for the UAW at what is undoubtedly an uncertain time in its history. However, with a clear mandate from voters behind him now, it remains up to Fain whether he can steer the union towards greater transparency and accountability moving forward.