Several More Attacks on U.S. Bases in Syria Confirmed by U.S.

The United States has confirmed several more attacks on its military bases in Syria, following an initial attack that took place on Thursday. The first attack was carried out by an Iranian-made drone and resulted in the death of a U.S. contractor and injuries to at least five U.S. service members.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin explained that the U.S. is responding to these attacks differently from how it has approached fighting in recent years.

"This escalation is different because we're now seeing direct action against American forces," Martin said during a report on Friday's CBS Evening News.

He went on to say that this type of escalation could lead to even more significant consequences, as both sides may feel compelled to respond with further aggression.

The latest attacks were confirmed by the U.S., but no additional information about the incidents was immediately available. It is unclear who carried out these attacks or what their motives might be.

U.S.-led coalitions have been active in Syria for several years, targeting ISIS militants and other extremist groups operating in the region. However, tensions have risen recently between Iran and its allies and Western powers such as the United States.

In response to Thursday's attack, President Donald Trump authorized military strikes against five sites belonging to Kataib Hezbollah militia group, which he blamed for carrying out the drone strike. Those strikes reportedly killed at least 25 people and sparked protests outside of the American embassy compound in Baghdad over concerns about potential retaliation from Iran-backed militias.

As tensions continue to escalate between Iran and Western powers, many are concerned about what further actions each side may take - particularly when it comes to targeting military personnel stationed abroad.

The situation remains fluid with developments unfolding rapidly but one thing seems certain - this latest string of attacks will only add fuel to already heightened tensions between two powerful nations with deep-rooted ideological differences.