States Supplying $1,000 In Stimulus Checks As Winter Relief Payments

As winter approaches and inflation rates continue to rise, several states have taken matters into their own hands by providing stimulus checks to their residents. The $1,000 payments are intended to alleviate some of the financial burden caused by the high cost of living.

Three states have already announced plans to provide these winter relief payments: California, Colorado, and New Mexico. Eligibility requirements vary among the three states.

In California, individuals who earn less than $75,000 per year and couples who earn less than $150,000 per year are eligible for the payment. This includes undocumented immigrants who file taxes using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Colorado's eligibility criteria are more specific: only residents who filed a 2020 state tax return and claimed at least one child tax credit are eligible for the payment.

New Mexico's stimulus check is available for all residents regardless of income level or filing status. However, those who received federal unemployment benefits between March 2020 and August 2021 will receive a larger payment of up to $1,500.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California announced that over four million Californians will receive this winter relief payment in December. Similarly, Governor Jared Polis of Colorado stated that nearly two-thirds of all Coloradans will be eligible for this benefit with over one million people expected to receive it within days after applying.

These payments come as inflation continues to affect Americans' daily lives; prices today remain on average 6% higher than they were a year ago. With no clear end in sight for rising costs during these harsh economic times - many other states may join them in supporting their citizens with additional support measures like these winter relief payments soon enough!