Two Migrants Found Dead in Freight Train Near U.S.-Mexico Border, 10 Hospitalized

Texas police received a call on Friday that several migrants were "suffocating" in a freight train traveling near the U.S.-Mexico border. Upon arriving at the scene, they found two migrants dead and at least 10 others hospitalized.

According to authorities, the group of migrants was discovered inside a sealed boxcar on the train. The individuals were believed to be undocumented immigrants attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico.

The incident highlights the dangers faced by those who attempt to cross into the U.S. illegally. Many migrants resort to hiding in dangerous and cramped conditions, such as boxcars on freight trains or tractor-trailers, risking injury or death during their journey.

Local law enforcement officials are investigating this tragedy and working with federal agencies to identify those involved and determine how they ended up in the container.

"Our hearts go out to these individuals and their families," said Sheriff Tom Schmerber of Jim Hogg County. "We will continue working diligently with our partners across all levels of government as we investigate this tragic incident."

This is not an isolated occurrence; similar incidents have occurred along other parts of the southern border over recent years. In July 2017, ten people died after being trapped inside a sweltering truck trailer parked outside a Walmart store in San Antonio.

As immigration continues to be a contentious issue for politicians and policymakers alike, tragedies like these serve as grim reminders of just how high are stakes for those who undertake this dangerous journey seeking better lives elsewhere.