Hall’s AEW Rampage Review 3.25.23: Thomas Hall Shares His Insights

Thomas Hall, a renowned wrestling analyst, has shared his latest review of this week's AEW Rampage event. The show aired on March 25th, and featured some exciting matches and moments that kept the audience engaged throughout.

In his review posted on 411MANIA, Hall discusses the various highlights of the event in great detail. He starts by analyzing the opening match between Adam Cole and Orange Cassidy, which he calls an "excellent way to kick off the show." According to him, both wrestlers put up a great performance that left the crowd cheering for more.

Hall also praises Tay Conti's victory over Penelope Ford as one of the best matches of the night. He writes that both women brought their A-game to the ring and gave it their all until Conti emerged victorious.

The next match discussed in Hall's review is Cody Rhodes vs Ethan Page. Although he admits that it was not one of his favorite matches, he notes how Page had "a strong showing" against Rhodes.

Finally, Hall talks about Darby Allin facing off against Matt Hardy in a Street Fight Match with Sting as Allin's partner. In his opinion piece on 411MANIA , he mentions how this match was entertaining from start to finish with many high-octane moves being thrown around by both parties involved in it.

Overall, Thomas Hall seems pleased with what transpired at AEW Rampage this week based on his analysis and commentary about each match shown during this episode . His insights into these events provide readers with an excellent overview of what happened during those two hours when watching live wasn't possible for everyone who wanted to see them unfold before their eyes!

Stay tuned for more reviews from Thomas Hall as we follow along with him for future episodes!