Netanyahu's Government Relies on Far-Right Support for Judicial Overhaul Plan

Netanyahu's Government Relies on Far-Right Support for Judicial Overhaul Plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a precarious situation as he attempts to push through a controversial judicial overhaul plan. The plan, which would give the government greater control over judicial appointments, has been met with criticism and protests from across the political spectrum.

However, Netanyahu's ability to pass the bill rests on his alliance with far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir. According to sources close to the prime minister, "If Netanyahu loses Ben-Gvir, he loses his government and he has to pacify him."

Ben-Gvir is known for his extremist views and support for Jewish settlements in the West Bank. He has previously praised Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Palestinians in a mosque in 1994.

Despite this history, Ben-Gvir's support is crucial for Netanyahu's coalition government. Without it, he risks losing power and potentially facing another election.

Critics of the proposed judicial overhaul plan argue that it would undermine Israel's democratic institutions by allowing politicians greater influence over judges' appointments. They also fear that it could be used as a tool to silence opposition voices and consolidate power within the ruling party.

Opposition parties have called for mass protests against the bill and have vowed to fight its passage through parliament. However, without support from within Netanyahu's own coalition government, their efforts may be in vain.

The fate of Israel's judiciary hangs in the balance as pressure mounts on both sides of this contentious issue. As always with Israeli politics though nothing is certain until every vote has been counted or even after they are counted!