Meet Olivia Dunne: The Highest-Paid Woman in College Sports

Olivia Dunne, a 20-year-old LSU gymnast, has recently made headlines for becoming the highest-paid woman in college sports. With her massive social media following and lucrative endorsement deals, she has amassed millions of dollars at such a young age.

According to sources close to Dunne, her main sources of income come from sponsored posts on Instagram and TikTok, as well as brand partnerships with companies like Nike and Gatorade. She reportedly earns upwards of $1 million per year through these deals alone.

But what does Dunne do with all this money? In an interview with ESPN, she revealed that she prioritizes saving and investing over frivolous spending. "I have a financial advisor who helps me manage my money," she said. "I want to make sure I'm making smart decisions for my future."

However, that doesn't mean Dunne doesn't indulge in some luxuries from time to time. She reportedly drives a BMW i8 sports car worth around $150k and lives in a lavish apartment near the LSU campus.

Despite her success off the mat, Dunne remains focused on her gymnastics career at LSU. She is currently training hard for the upcoming NCAA championships and hopes to help lead her team to victory.

"I'm grateful for everything I've been able to achieve so far," Dunne said. "But ultimately, my goal is just to be the best gymnast I can be."

With her talent both on and off the mat, it's clear that Olivia Dunne is one athlete we'll be hearing about for years to come.